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The Club is a privately-owned space in Palac Austria at Štefánikova 25, Prague 5. Its 331m² can accommodate up to 150 guests.

The Club is completely furnished with a bar, refrigerators, coffee machine, water dispenser, cozy sitting areas, foosball, table tennis, a baby grand piano, A/C, and plenty of room to move comfortably (or even get up and dance!).

There is also professional sound equipment and a 3.4x2.4m Panasonic projection screen—perfect for presentations, videos, or karaoke.


Club Reservation


Contact us now to host your next event at our fantastic club.

Daša Horváthová: 725 997 367


“When we chose Salsita’s venue for the proTEST tester community’s Christmas party, we were expecting a typical meeting space. Then our jaws dropped because the Salsita Club is something we’ve never seen in another company. It’s a real club with a great atmosphere. You can see that Salsita really cares about the environment where their staff spend their time. Thanks again for the invitation.”

Lucie Nova, proTEST

The afterparty was awesome, the club is beautifully renovated and I don’t think we could have found a better space for our afterparty. We’ll be glad if we manage to agree on cooperation for next year as well.

Miki Vlčková, ReactiveConf Prague

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